Our Services

Sunday services are held each week at both St. Paul’s Warwick Road and on Bretch Hill.  On Bretch Hill, our services are held in Prescott Avenue.

We welcome everyone of any age and we aim to teach the message of the Bible in a way that is relevant and accessible to all.  Our church is able to provide good access and appropriate facilities for many people with disabilities at both Warwick Road and the Prescott Avenue.  Excepting special Holy days, our pattern of services each month is:




All-Age Service

1st Sunday All-Age Service

Holy Communion

2nd Sunday All-Age Service

Service of the Word

3rd Sunday

All-Age and Holy Communion

Holy Communion 4th Sunday

All-Age Service

Holy Communion 5th Sunday

All-Age Service

There is a crèche and children’s corner for under-5s every Sunday, and groups for school-age children every Sunday except the 1st Sunday of the month when there is an all-age service. There is a crèche room available during the service and ‘Sunshiners’ meet.  This is a group for primary school children..

In addition to this worship pattern, our church meets for prayer twice a month at St Paul’s Church Centre on Prescott Avenue.

We hold a Prayer Breakfast at 9.00am on the second Saturday of most months, sharing a cooked breakfast and praying through the church’s coming programme, for the workers in our parish and the wider needs of our congregation and the town.

Also, at 7.30pm on the fourth Wednesday of each month, the church meets to pray, lifting our mission partners and other needs to the Lord.  We encourage our Grow Group members to make this meeting a priority.

Baptisms are usually conducted during the morning service at Warwick Road. Marriages and funeral services may be arranged only after prior discussion.   For more information, contact the church office in first instance.