Purposeful Pause

This term leading up to Easter, St Paul’s Church has had a “Purposeful Pause”. In our busy and frenetic world we all need to take more seriously God’s kind command to rest and enjoy him (e.g. Exodus 20:8-11; Luke 10:41-42). After a busy period in our church life we would like to do this as a church. This pause (shabbat) means we are stopping most of our mid-week ministries from January until Easter. It will mean we have more time to spend in prayer as individuals and as a church family.

Reflecting our desire to make this rest ‘purposeful’ we are also proactively talking and praying about our existing ministries to see how much they are in line with the overall mission of the church and the call to make disciples (Matthew 28:18-20). We will seek the Lord individually regarding our own gifts and service as well as seeking him collectively for a renewed vision of his purposes and plans for us as a church. Exciting!

What will continue during this Pause?

We are modelling church life around Acts 2:42 and will continue to meet and fellowship Sunday by Sunday (in a more simplified form) – to sit under the teaching of the Bible, to pray and break bread together. Do explore the website to find out the details about what is happening regarding specific ministries during the Pause.

Therefore we are still ‘open for business’ and would love to welcome any visitors or newcomers!