We aim to publish recordings of most of our Warwick Road preaching programme on these pages.  Sermons will generally be available for at least a year.

Our practice at St Paul’s is to preach from specific bible passages and we plan to preach systematically through entire books of the Bible, God’s word revealed to us.  From 2018, we are also publishing our programme at our Café Church at the Sunshine Centre on Bretch Hill.  These sermons are not recorded.

Links on the right of each page will play the reading and sermon recording where and when available.  This is a link to a Dropbox account and will open in a new window.  You can download the sermon from the Dropbox site if you wish to play it on personal hifi or phones when you do not have internet access. Unfortunately things sometimes go wrong and we cannot always provide a recording.

We apologise for the interruption to our normally prompt uploading of sermon recordings in autumn 2017.  Things have been rectified now and we hope to be up to date shortly.  Thank you for your interest and concern if you have recently contacted the office about this.

Any comment or feedback on our sermons is welcome and can be sent to