Autumn 2018 Sermons

Studies in Exodus 1-12

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September Exodus: A God Who Delivers

(when available)

2nd AA Exodus 1 He Remembers His People  Dan McGowan Recording
9th HC Exodus 2:1-10 The Rescuer is Delivered  Dan McGowan Recording
16th AA Exodus 2:11-25  On the Run Richard Power Recording
23rd HC Exodus 3:1-4:17 Stand and Deliver Dan McGowan Recording
30th HC Exodus 4:18-31 A Covenant of Obedience  Dan McGowan Recording
October  Exodus: A God Who Delivers  
7th AA  Exodus 5:1-20  Who is the LORD?  Dan McGowan Recording
14th HC  Exodus 5: 22-6:27  I Am the Lord  Richard Power Recording
21st SW  Exodus 6:28-7:7  World Church Sunday  Dan McGowan Recording
28th HC  Exodus 7:8-11:10  Let My People Go!  Dan McGowan Recording
November  The God of Sabbath Rest
4th AA  Exodus 12  Passover!  Jeannette Law Recording
11th HC  Genesis 2 v1-3, Deuteronomy 5 v12-15  Sabbath I  Dan McGowan Recording
18th SW  Sabbath II   Sabbath II  Dan McGowan  Recording
25th HC  Sabbath III  Sabbath III  Dan McGowan No sermon available
Woman’s Day Glory in the Mundane
24th  Revelation 7 v9-17  Woman’s day: Glory in the mundane: what?  Cath Heath Recording
24th  Mark 9 v14-29 Woman’s day: Woman’s day: Glory in the mundane: how?  Cath Heath Recording
December Habakkuk: Prophet of Faith
2nd AA Habakkuk 1: 1-11 How Long O Lord  Dan McGowan  Recording
9th HC Habakkuk 1:12-2:20 Trusting God’s Plan  Dan McGowan Recording
16th SW Habakkuk 3  Rejoicing in God’s Plan  Dan McGowan Recording
16th John 1:1-14 Carols by Candlelight  Mike Reeves  Recording
23rd AA John 1: 1-9 In the Beginning Was the Word  Andy Holyoak  Recording
25th FC John 1:10-14 Seeing Salvation  Richard Power  Recording
30th FC John 1: 14-18 Can We Really Know God?  Mike Moir Recording


Key:     SW – Service of the Word; AA – All-Age; HC – Holy Communion