Autumn Sermons 2017

Studies in Genesis 24-32 and Matthew’s Gospel

The God of Jacob and of Jesus

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Due to inclement weather on 10th December, Simon Morrell was unable to come to church to preach but instead streamed his sermon on Facebook.   It can be accessed via Simon Morrell’s Facebook pages posted on 10 Dec.





(when available)

1st AA Genesis 25:19-34 Conflict begins! Dan McGowan Recording
8th HC Genesis 26 Deja Vu Richard Power  Recording
15th World Church Sunday SW Genesis 27 “May Nations Serve You” Richard Power  Recording
22nd HC Genesis 28 On the Run Jonathan Patterson  Recording
29th Reformation Sunday HC Romans 4:1-8 The Good News of Justification Mike Reeves Recording
5th AA Genesis 29:1-30 The Trickster is Tricked Jeannette Law Recording
12th HC Genesis 29:31-30:24 Unhappy Families Dan McGowan  Recording
19th SW Genesis 30:25-31:55 People, Blessing…. er, Land? Steve Short Recording
26th HC Genesis 32:1-32 The Penny Finally Drops Richard Power Recording
3rd Advent Sunday AA Isaiah 9:1-7 Good News for a Dark World Dan McGowan  Recording
10th HC Matthew 1:1-17 Levi’s Genes Dan McGowan*  Recording
17th SW Galatians 4:1-6 God’s Perfect Timing Richard Power Recording
24th AA Matthew 1:18-25 Emmanuel God With Us  No Recording
17th Carols By Candlelight 6:30pm John 18 v28-40 This is why I came Dan McGowan Recording
24th Midnight Service HC Matthew 1:18-25 Why Jesus Came Richard Power  No Recording
25th Christmas Day FC Matthew 2:1-12 King of Kings Dan McGowan Recording
31st FC Matthew 2:13-23 Jesus the New Moses Steve Short Recording