Spring 2019 Sermons

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Spring 2018 Sermons


January Exodus: Remembering Redemption

(when available)

6th AA Exodus 13: 1-16 Remembering Rescue  Dan McGowan  Recording
13th HC  Exodus 13: 17-22  The Companionate God  Richard Power  Recording
20th SW  Exodus 14:1-14  The Warrior God  Dan McGowan  Recording
27th  HC  Exodus 14:15-30  The God Who Delivers  Richard Power Recording
February Exodus: A Testing Journey
 3rd  AA  Exodus 15:21-27  Rumble turns to Grumble  Dan McGowan Intro talk

Main Sermon

 10th  HC  Exodus 16  Sabbath Rest and Test  Richard Power Recording
 17th  AA  Exodus 17  Attacked Inside and Out  Jeannette Law Recording
 24th  HC  Exodus 18  Foreign Faith and Sacrifice  Richard Power  Recording
March Exodus: A God Who Demands
 3rd  AA  Exodus 19:1-9a  Obedience of the Redeemed  Dan McGowan  Recording
 10th  HC  Exodus 19:9b-25  Set Apart for a Holy God  Dan McGowan Recording
 17th  SW  Exodus 20:1-18  The 10 Commandments  Richard Power  Recording
 24th  HC  Exodus 24:1-12  The Covenant Confirmed  Steve Short  Recording
 31st  AA  Exodus 24:13-25:9  Mothering Sunday  Dan McGowan  Recording
April Crucified and Risen
 7th  HC  Luke 23:26-43  The Cross of Christ  Richard Power Recording
 14th  AA   Luke 23:44-49  Palm Sunday The Death of Christ  Dan McGowan Part 1 Part 2
19th AA  Good Friday 10:30am and  2pm Reflective Service
 19th  AA   Matthew 27:32-46  Good Friday  Jeannette Law  Recording
 21st  FC   Luke 24:1-12  Easter Day Empty Tomb!  Dan McGowan  Recording
 28th  HC   Luke 24:13-35  The Road to Emmaus  Steve Short Recording

Key:     SW – Service of the Word; AA – All-Age; HC – Holy Communion; FC – Family Communion