Spring Sermons 2018 at the Sunshine Centre


Date Type Bible Reading Title  
JANUARY 2018 Two Ways to Live  
7th AA Revelation 4v11 It Was Very Good
14th SW Romans 3 v10-12 God’s Rule Rejected
21st HC Hebrews 9 v27 Separated from God
28th SW 1 Peter 3 v18 Jesus Died for You
FEBRUARY Seven Signs in John
4th AA 1 Peter 1 v3 Jesus was raised to Life
11th SW John 3v36 Choose Who You’ll Serve
18th HC John 2 v1-11 He turned Water into Wine
25th SW John 4 v46-54 Healing with a Word
4th AA John 5 v1-15 Pool Party
11th HC John 6 v5-15 He Fed 5,000
18th SW John 6 v16-24 He Walked on Water
25th HC John 11 v38-44 He Raised the Dead
APRIL Easter People
1st AA John 20 v1-10 Easter Day
8th HC John 20 v11-18 Mary Sees Jesus First
15th SW John 20 v19-23 The Disciples See Jesus
22nd HC John 20 v24-29 Thomas Sees and Believes
29th HC John 21 v1-14 Unforgettable Breakfast