Spring Sermons 2019 at Prescott Avenue

Cafe Church 5pm

Prescott Avenue Hall

January The Loving Law


6th SW Exodus 12: 1-13 God Who Rescues
13th SW  Exodus 16: 10-30  God Who Provides
20th HC  Exodus 20:1-3  No gods but Me
27th  SW  Exodus 20:4-6  No making of Idols
February The Loving Law
 3rd  SW Exodus 20:7  Don’s mis-use My Name
 10th  SW Exodus 20:8-11  Remember the Sabbath
 17th  HC Exodus 20:12  Honour Your Parents
 24th  SW Exodus 20:13 Do Not Murder
March The Loving law
 3rd  SW Exodus 20:14 Do Not Commit Adultery
 10th  SW Exodus 20:15 Do Not Steal
 17th  HC Exodus 20:16  Don’t Bear False Witness
 24th  SW Exodus 20:17 Do Not Covet
 31st  SW  Exodus 24:1-12 Covenant Confirmed
April Crucified and Risen
 7th  SW  Luke 23:26-43  The Cross of Christ
 14th  HC   Luke 23:44-49  Palm Sunday The Death of Christ
19th AA Good Friday 10:30am and  2pm Reflective Service, Warwick Road
 21st  SW   Luke 24:1-12  Easter Day Empty Tomb!
 28th  SW   Luke 24:13-35  The Road to Emmaus

Key:     SW – Service of the Word;  HC – Holy Communion;