Summer Sermons 2019 at Prescott Avenue



May Mark: Who is Jesus?


5th SW Luke 24:36-53 He is Risen Part 3
12th SW Mark 1:1-3  Great News!
19th HC Mark 1:4-8  Great Preparation
26th SW Mark 1:9-13  Baptism & Temptation
June Mark: Who is Jesus?
 2nd  SW Mark 1:14-20  Come, Follow Me
 9th  SW Mark 1:21-34 Powerful Word & Works
 16th  HC Mark 1:35-39 First Things First
 23rd  SW Mark 1:40-45 Compassionate Healing
 30th  SW Mark 2:1-12 Your Sins Are Forgiven
July Mark: Who is Jesus?
 7th  SW Recall and Rejoice Weekend at Home
 14th  SW Mark 2:13-17 All Welcome
 21st  HC Mark 2:18-22 Fast No More
 28th  SW Mark 2:23-3:6 Lord of Our Rest!
August Summer Lessons in Prayer
 4th  SW Matthew 6:5-15 Teach us to Pray
 11th  SW Daniel 9:1-19  Prayer of Confession
 18th  HC  Psalm 44 Prayer When Facing Trial
 25th  SW Acts 4:23-31 Prayer for Evangelism

Key:     SW – Service of the Word HC – Holy Communion;