Serving & Giving

At St Paul’s, we recognise that we all are called to be disciples of Christ in the place where we live.  That encourages us to serve the Lord in our church, our community and our parish.  If you want to help in this, please volunteer for service in any of our teams: those working to enrich the lives of young people in our parish, those leading groups including Toddletime, Women Of the Word and our Open Door drop-in cafe. There are teams working pastorally too: helping with literacy, stimulating those with learning disabilities as well as leading Christianity Explored courses for those seeking Jesus.  There are also practical ways to serve with our music, technical, catering, cleaning and maintenance teams.  Each one helps to keep our activities resourced and our facilities serviced and in inviting condition.

Our members give generously to the Lord’s work here in Banbury and beyond through our mission support.  This regular giving enables the church to operate and supports to our staff team.  The staff team is all paid for by St Paul’s Church with some help from the Diocese of Oxford and other organisations.  To maintain our present ministry, St Paul’s Church requires over £110,000 per year.  We encourage our members to consider prayerfully how they can share in the grace of giving, reviewing their gifts each year.

Above and beyond this, St Paul’s Church needs to raise some £2.5m to complete our ‘Space Project‘ to integrate our new community rooms with our church at Warwick Road.  This will enable us to be effective through the 21st century as we take the good news of the salvation that Christ offers and serve those in need in our neighbourhood.  Our parish is one of the most deprived areas of Banbury and we know we will need support from beyond our membership to create premises that will be useful and attractive to all the people we want to reach in our neighbourhood.  Will you help us?

Following the link below will take you to the page to give to St Paul’s Church.  Gifts are securely processed from any debit or credit cards and can be designated for Gift Aid.  If you wish, you can give anonymously this way although we would appreciate the opportunity to thank you for your generosity.  Your transaction will be credited to Stewardship who are the operating charity for and then forwarded on to us as any Gift Aid is recovered. Thank you for your interest and commitment.