SPACE Project

Our church is growing and so we are looking to extend our ministry and service to our local community which we have served since 1853. Our buildings are in desperate need of repair and renewal and we need more space.  We are planning to replace the existing Warwick Road Hall (over 60 years old!) and in so doing integrate the replacement hall and additional rooms with the church which will also be refurbished. This will equip many of our ministries with much needed extra rooms and provide a community space serving the diversity of our church and parish.

We are working with JBKS architects who proposed our plans which were enthusiastically endorsed by the Church family. We so far have raised over £300,000.  Completing our Design work, we held a public display of our plans which were well received.  These displays remain in Church and Cherwell District Council and Oxford Diocese approved our plans. Now we need to make significant inroads into raising the funds…   All the while inflation in the construction industry is making the challenge of raising sufficient funds for this project ever greater.

plan and crossection

When our church was founded in 1853, it was to serve the poor in the parish in Neithrop.  The great and good of Banbury responded strongly to the need expressed by the town’s Vicar at the time.  We pray that similar support and appreciation of our ministry in the town will also be shown again today, for the need has not changed.

Our latest brochure is available here.  A response form is available here too if you would like to support us.  If you just want to give now follow this link.

We know God’s faithfulness and so are trusting him to equip us with the finances that we need to build up this Church.  We want to press ahead creating facilities which will help us in our mission to call everyone into a living relationship with Jesus in the Kingdom of God.

Our goal is to provide facilities both honouring to God but also effective and available for promoting the good news of our Lord Jesus.   We pray for opportunities to proclaim our risen Lord Jesus throughout this process.  We pray for our growth as a Church to continue as we extend our ministries to our local community which suffers from multiple types of social deprivation.

As we move forward, please pray for:
 God to be glorified as we progress with this major project
 Seeking God’s vision for what He wants to achieve with us in this place
 Imaginative ideas as to how to raise the additional funds we need
 Generosity in giving as we widen the opportunity to support our work
 Maintaining our unity in our Church’s fellowship throughout.