Summer 2019 Sermons

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Summer 2018 Sermons

Spring 2018 Sermons

May Matthew: True Discipleship

(when available)

5th AA Luke 24:36-53 He is Risen Part 3  Dan McGowan  Recording
12th HC Matthew 17:1-13  Transfiguration  Dan McGowan  Recording
19th SW Matthew 17:14-23  Healing Failure  Dan McGowan  Recording
26th HC Matthew 17:24-27  Fishy Miracle  Dan McGowan  Recording
June Matthew: True Discipleship
 2nd  AA Matthew 18:1-14 The Least of All  Jeannette Law  Recording
 9th  HC Matthew 18:15-20 Church Discipline  Mike Reeves  Recording
 16th  SW Matthew 18:21-35 True Forgiveness  Alex Keen Recording
 23rd  HC Matthew 19:1-12 Divorce  Dan McGowan Recording
 30th  SW Matthew 19:13-22 Empty Hands  Mike Moir  Recording
July Matthew: True Discipleship
 5th-7th  AA Rev. Greg Prior Weekend at Home  Rev. Greg Prior Session1 Session2

Session3 Session4

 14th  HC Matthew 19:23-30 True Salvation  Jake Eggertsen  Recording
 21st  SW Matthew 20:1-16 True Grace  Joe Clarke Recording
 28th  HC Matthew 20:17-34 True Humility  Mike Reeves Recording
August Summer Lessons in Prayer
 4th  AA Matthew 6:5-15 Teach us to Pray  Jake Eggertsen  Recording
 11th  FC Daniel 9:1-19  Prayer of Confession  Andy Holyoak Recording
 18th  AA  Psalm 44 Prayer When Facing Trial  Dan McGowan  Recording
 25th  FC Acts 4:23-31 Prayer for Evangelism  Steve Short Recording
 1st  AA  Luke 3:21-23 Jeannette Law  Recording
 8th  FC  Acts 16:11-34 Bishop Rod Thomas Recording
 15th  SW 1 Timothy 1v1-11 Dan McGowan  Recording
 22nd  FC 1 Timothy 1:12-20 Jake Eggertsen
 29th  FC 1 Timothy 2:1-7 Dan McGowan

Key:     SW – Service of the Word; AA – All-Age; HC – Holy Communion; FC – Family Communion