In the UK

Gaines is a large country house some 20 miles to the west of Worcester, which has long been associated with Christian ministry.  XL Camps was offered the use of the premises and is now in the process of acquiring the freehold.  XL run a variety of themed Christian camps for youngsters (7 this year including Football, Wave-rider, Surfing, Skiing, Ignition, Escape and New Year) while Gaines, now partially refurbished, has been used for weekend and holiday get-togethers for Young People from churches all over the UK, many from the M5 corridor between Taunton and Manchester.

Torch Trust: This Christian outreach organisation supports blind and partially sighted people throughout the UK.  It provides accessible materials for reading and teaching, including Braille books and supports the applied use of new technologies.

UCCF: This is the leading universities and colleges support organisation for Christian Unions.  It supports Christian students in campus evangelism and taking the good news to undergraduates and graduates in tertiary education by providing field workers who support a small number of geographically local colleges, halls and universities.  We are supporting a staff worker, Sarah Pickett, who supports the CUs in colleges in Oxford and Buckinghamshire.  Find out more here.

Revd Dr Mike Reeves, Union: Mike is a member of our congregation and is a leading theologian.  He heads up the work of Union, an evangelical organisation based in Oxford that raises, resources and deploys church leaders for the growth of Christ’s church worldwide..

Wycliffe Bible Translators: This is an organisation which has been revolutionised by changing technology.  Wycliffe Bible Translators have the vision to translate scripture into every language on the planet and much is now being achieved through dispersed language group experts using computer technology across the world.  Using the internet and advanced software tools the programme to get the good news to every corner of the globe is accelerating… read more here.

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