World Mission

A Thank You photo from Shalom, Arecipa, Peru


The Barnabas Fund: This is an organisation which works to support persecuted Christians throughout the world.  It helps Christians and Churches understand, cope with and face up to the persecution which many experience either from political or religious repression.  A valuable voice for what is often unreported persecution in many countries across the globe.  Click here for their latest news.

Crosslinks: Crosslinks provides support to the Revd Luke & Mary Foster and their family in Chile. Luke is a past curate at St Paul’s and is now teaching in a theological college in Santiago, Chile.  Click here for their support page at Crosslinks.

Mission Aviation Fellowship: We support Steve & Katie Machell who are both working with MAF in Kenya and East Africa providing air-support to missionaries and aid workers across east Africa.  Click here for their latest prayer letter.

SIM – Serving in Mission (MECO International): the Lawrence family have been supported for several years working in administration with this Christian Mission. SIM engages in evangelism in the predominantly Muslim countries of the middle east.  Recently, we have agreed to support Mike and Vicky and their family working in Lebanon.  They founded the Bread of Life Society locally.  This aims to strengthen the witness of the gospel and unity in churches.  The society has responded to the refugee crisis by providing education for many of the Syrian refugee children in its education centre.  It is also developing sunday school material for use in Arabic.

Shalom, Arecipa, Peru: As Director of the Colegio Internacional in Arequipa, Peru, (School motto “Not I but Christ”) Dennis Smith, one of or Lay Ministers, oversaw the building and inauguration of a modern school which educates some 1,300 pupils aged from 5-18.  A Day Centre for disabled children has since been added.  A special curriculum for children with learning difficulties has been approved by the Peruvian Ministry of Education.  The Colegio provides and pays the teachers, Latin Link supports occasional staff from Britain and contributions like ours help to run the essential Minibus.

A Community Wedding in Uganda

Uganda, Afinnet – African Friends in Need Network – is a development project in the Mityana area of Uganda running a range of practical work training programmes and other educational initiatives aiming to bring social and economic empowerment to people.  Our links with Mityana were begun through the Rt Revd Michael and Janepher Lubowa.  Michael Lubowa spent a period training in St Paul’s when studying at a theological college in Bristol. St Paul’s has organised a number of trips to allow members to see, engage with and experience the work of the church in Uganda.

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