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Return to church in-person

How to Join

We will be returning to church in-person next Sunday, 28th March.  We will use the previous system of attendees coming every other week.
We will put you in a cluster (as you were in January) and we will contact you this week to tell you which cluster you are in.
If you are unsure - or need to change things contact Katherine.

If you would like to attend for the first time…please register here. We would love to see you!
As before…we will also be streaming the 10.30 service live on Youtube – click here to watch.
Many of us watching at home enjoy fellowship via Zoom. Therefore, we are hoping to enable those joining the service from home to also meet others on Zoom at the same time.
- open the church page on YouTube (as before lockdown) so that it is ready.
- log in to Zoom as normal from 10.15am
- At 10.30, mute yourself (we’ll probably mute everyone just in case).
- Watch the service on You Tube (you can leave Zoom if on phone/tablet and log  back in afterwards. If using a computer/laptop, you can watch Zoom on gallery view  on half of the screen and have the YouTube service on the other half.)
- When the service ends, go back to Zoom and we’ll have breakout rooms as usual.
ALSO – we will be holding a modest service at 5pm at the Prescott Avenue Hall – contact Dan to book.

Want to come to church on Easter Day?
As we did at Christmas, we are holding two services back-to-back at 9am & 11am to enable as many people as possible be able to come on Easter Day. (The usual cluster rota will be suspended.)
Please sign up using the Easter Day booking form here.

Planning your Visit

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