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Zoom and Youtube Trial

Responding to feedback, we are planning to run Zoom alongside the live stream, starting 28th March. 

If you're not at in-person church this week:

  • open the church page on YouTube (as we did before this lockdown) and have it ready.
  • log in to Zoom as normal from 10.15.
  • At 10.30, mute yourself (we’ll probably mute everyone just in case).
  • Then, watch the service on You Tube (you can leave Zoom if on phone/tablet and log back in afterwards. If on computer/laptop you can watch Zoom on gallery view on half the screen and have YouTube service on other half.  Here's what it will look like:zoom and youtube

When the service ends, we’ll create breakout rooms as usual.
If you’re unsure about any of this, do feel free to call Steve during this coming week and he’ll talk you through the process in more detail and help you get set up. But please don’t leave it until Sunday morning!  

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