Welcome to St Paul’s Banbury

We are a church that is committed to following Jesus Christ, whom we meet in the Bible. We are based in the Oxfordshire town of Banbury.  We meet on Sunday mornings at our church on Warwick Road, in the afternoon at the Sunshine Centre, Bradley Arcade on Bretch Hill and many of our weekday activities take place at our church centre on Prescott Avenue.

We are pleased to announce that our next Vicar will be the Revd Daniel McGowan.  Dan, his wife, Katie and their three children, Emma, Josh and Tom, will move to Banbury over the summer coming to us from a growing church in Morden, Surrey.  Give thanks that school places have been sorted out in spite of the short period before the end of term.  Please pray for them as they make the move to us and also as Dan spends time thinking about how the Lord wants him to begin his ministry with us.  Dan’s licensing service will take place on September 7th – see Events.

Our current teaching programme is looking at the early chapters of the Acts of the Apostles as the early church was inspired and fashioned by the work of the Holy Spirit.  This part of the bible focuses on how our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, sent His Holy Spirit to empower his disciples and the believers. This is the seal of God’s grace to us, through the atoning death of His Son and it assures us of eternal life in Christ.

McGowan Dan


Even as we look forward to the ministry of our new Vicar, Dan McGowan, following his licensing in September, it is our living Lord, Jesus Christ, who leads our church and whom we worship. Come and join us over this exciting year as we learn to grow as His disciples.