Welcome to St Paul’s Banbury

We are a church that is committed to following Jesus Christ, whom we meet in the Bible. We are based in the Oxfordshire town of Banbury.  We meet on Sunday mornings at our church on Warwick Road, in the afternoon at the Sunshine Centre, Bradley Arcade on Bretch Hill and many of our weekday activities take place at our church centre on Prescott Avenue.

Christ’s birth has been remembered in our Christmas celebrations.  As we enter the New Year with all it’s hopes, expectations and challenges, Christians start looking forward to Easter once more. The amazing miracle of God’s plan for all of humanity is revealed in Jesus’ radical ministry, two millennia ago in a war-ravaged area of the Middle East.  Why did this martyred teacher influence so much of world history over these centuries?  Why is His message relevant and, we believe, vital to the way we live today?

Come and learn more of this living Lord, Jesus Christ, who continues to lead and inspire our church and whom we worship week by week. Come and join us in our worship in 2017.