Spring 2017 Sermons

Matthew 8-12: Continuing Jesus’ Radical Teaching

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Date Theme Reading Preacher  Recording
JANUARY 2017 Kingdom Proclaimed in Action Matthew 8 & 9  
1st Salvation Revealed! Luke 2:22-38 Dan McGowan  Recording
8th The Authority of Jesus Matthew 8:1-17 Dan McGowan  Recording
15th The Cost of Following Jesus Matthew 8:18-27 David Standing  Recording
22nd Jesus’ Power Over Satan Matthew 8:28-34 Dan McGowan  Recording
29th Jesus the Saviour Matthew 9:1-8 Steve Short  Recording
FEBRUARY 2017 Mission That Claims Everything Matthew 9 & 10  
5th Who Jesus Calls Matthew 9:9-13 Jeannette Law  Recording
12th A New Way Matthew 9:14-17 Richard Power  Recording
19th Compassionate Mission Matthew 9:32-10:4 Andy Holyoak  Recording
26th Opposition to Mission Matthew 10:5-25 Dan McGowan  Recording
MARCH 2017 The Way that Divides Matthew 10 & 11  
5th To Fear or Not to Fear? Matthew 10:26-33 Simon Morrell  No Recording
12th Jesus the Divider? Matthew 10:34-42 Dan McGowan  Recording
19th Doubting Jesus Matthew 11:1-24 Dan McGowan  Recording
26th Mothering Sunday Recipe to True Rest Matthew 11:25-30 Dan McGowan  Recording
APRIL 2017 So – Who is this Jesus? Matthew 12  
2nd Missing the Point? Matthew 12:1-14 Steve Short  Recording
9th Who is Jesus? Matthew 12:15-21 Richard Power  Recording
14th Good Friday The Great Swap Matthew 27 Mike Moir  No Recording
16th Easter Day He is Risen! Matthew 27:57-28:15 Dan McGowan  Recording
23rd Our Task Matthew 28:16-20 Mike Reeves  Recording
30th Introduction to 2 Corinthians Dan McGowan  No Recording