Spring 2018 Sermons

Studies in Matthew’s Gospel

Matthew’s eyewitness account of the events of Jesus’ ministry

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Date Type Bible Reading Title Preacher Recording
JANUARY 2018 Matthew: Tales of the Unexpected    
7th AA Matthew 13:1-23 The Seed of Change  Dan McGowan  Recording
14th HC Matthew 13:24-30; 36-43 & 47-50 Present Realities & Future Certainties  Richard Power
21st SW Matthew 13:31-35 Secret & Unstoppable Growth
28th HC Matthew 13:44-46 Solid Joy & Lasting Treasure
FEBRUARY Matthew: Truth that Turns the Inside Out
4th AA Matthew 13:53-14:12 Who is This?
11th HC Matthew 14:13-36 The New Moses
18th SW Matthew 15:1-20 Clean & Unclean
25th HC Matthew 15:21-28 Surprising Faith
MARCH Matthew: A New Community
4th AA Matthew 15:29-39 Jesus Plants the Church
11th HC Matthew 16:1-12 False Disciples – Wrong Church
18th SW Matthew 16:13-20 True Disciples – True Church 1
25th HC Matthew 16:21-28 True Disciples – True Church II
30th Good Friday AA 10.30am tbc Jesus Died for Me
1st Easter Day FC (AA)  Resurrection Believing the Resurrection
8th SW Colossians 3:1-4 Living The Resurrection
15th HC John 13:13 Reliability of the Bible
22nd SW  tbc Bible, Gender and Marriage I
29th HC  tbc Bible, Gender and Marriage II