Summer 2016 Sermons

Studies in Acts: The Holy Spirit comes to the Apostles and inspires the early church

Links on right will play the reading and sermon recording where and when available.  This is a link to a Dropbox account and will open in a new window.
You can download the sermon from the Dropbox site if you wish to play it on personal hifi or phones when you do not have internet access.

Date Theme Reading Preacher  Link
 May 1st You will be my witnesses  Acts 1:1-11 Jeannette Law  Recording
  May 8th Another witness chosen  Acts 1:12-26 Mike Reeves  Recording
  May 15th He has poured out what you see  Acts 2:1-36 Dennis Smith  Recording
  May 22nd What shall we do?  Acts 2:36-47 Steve Short  Recording
  May 29th His name gave the healing  Acts 3:1-26 Mike Moir  Recording
  June 5th Help us proclaim him boldly  Acts 4:1-31 Richard Power  Recording
  June 12th Lying to the Holy Spirit  Acts 4:32-5:16 Jonathan Patterson  Recording
  June 19th I see him at God’s right hand  Acts 7:51-8:25  Richard Power  Recording
  June 26th The prophet talks about him  Acts 8:26-40  Simon Morrell  Recording
  July 3rd Why do you persecute me?  Acts 9:1-25  Mike Reeves  Recording
  July 10th He is Lord of all  Acts 10:1-48  Richard Power  Recording
  July 17th Called to a task  Acts 13:1-12  David Standing  Recording
  July 24th Free from every sin through him  Acts 13:13-49  Richard Power  Recording
  July 31st Through his grace alone  Acts 15:1-21  Andy Holyoak  Recording
  August 7th Believe in him and be saved  Acts 16:16-40  Jeannette Law  Recording
  August 14th God has appointed him judge  Acts 17:16-34  Steve Short  Recording
  August 21st Keep on speaking  Acts 18:1-28  Mike Moir  Recording
  August 28th Completing the task he gave me  Acts 20:17-38  Richard Power  Recording