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Church Emerging from Lockdown

As I write this, more news is coming in of covid restrictions easing, with opportunities to do more things and have more freedom again. That’s exciting, but it’s also quite daunting - we’ve become accustomed to the challenges of lockdown and having to keep our distance. What will it be like to be travelling on crowded trains… be in busier shops and hairdressers… go to sporting events and concerts again… and be back in a crowded church...?
Of course, what we’re allowed to do is important to get right, and we continue to be committed to ensuring everyone's safety as we ease out of lockdown. But… 
What does the bible have to say about coming out of lockdown?
Hebrews 10: 24 - 25 encourages us to meet together and spur one another on. For Christians, Church really isn’t optional (whilst recognising that for some, sadly, attendance isn’t possible). I want to recommend two 30 minute videos (provided as free downloads by Bible by the Beach here) that encourage us to look at returning to church not in terms of what the regulations allow (although of course we will comply with those), but what it looks like biblically, for us as a church re-establishing its physical presence after lockdown.
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In the first of these two talks, Jonty and Linda Allcock chat us through some great advice from the book of Hosea, reflecting that as the Lord was proactive and compassionate towards his people, we can be proactive and compassionate with each other as we work together to define what ‘normal’ church will look like. 
In the second talk, the focus shifts to the Lord’s righteous and constant love for his people, with great examples of how we can all prayerfully live in the light of that. 
These talks are easy-listening, warm and chatty, and really well worth two half-hour slots in your day, to help you consider how the way God loves his people can shape we love each other as we begin this next phase in the life of our Church family. 

Rev Steve Short (Curate), 11/05/21

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