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St Paul's Banbury sing 'Is He Worthy?'


Easter Sunday 2021:  We are delighted to be able to publish this video, made by and for our church family.  We hope you enjoy it.

Please feel free to share the video with close friends and family, but please don't share it publicly or post it elsewhere online.




Is He worthy?

We want to make a video of the church family singing Andrew Peterson's song 'Is He Worthy?'.

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This is a project for all ages, children and adults, musicians and music-lovers, singers and those that think they can't sing!  It's is a lovely song that is made for churches to sing together, with a great message based on Revelation 5 that will be wonderful for us to learn and sing. 

Here is an article explaining the story behind the song - well worth a read!

Please join us!  All you need to do is:


1. Get to know the song

If you don't know it already, there are some YouTube videos here or here.  You will also find it on streaming services like Spotify (search for 'Is He Worthy?' by Andrew Peterson to find the version we are doing).

2. Download the lyrics by clicking here and start singing along!

If you would also like to have sheet music for the song, please email Annabelle and she will send it to you (we can't share it on the website for copyright reasons, but have permission to share it among the church family by email).

3. Decide how you want to take part.

There are some examples of videos of the song that other churches have made here or here. Please remember though - our video will be made by and for us!  We may not have the professional resources used on some of these videos - but our video will be wonderful because it will be our church family singing together.

The final version will be a mixture of solos, small groups and lots of voices together.  

You can record yourself on your own, or with others in your household.  You can make more than one version eg. you could sing together as a family, and then different family members could be recorded separately.  At the moment we are not looking for harmonies or instrumental parts, but we may ask for volunteers to do this later.

We are NOT looking for professional performances and want as many voices as possible!  Please don't be put off if you don't think you have a great voice - most of the time we won't be able to hear individual voices, just lots of voices blending together. 

But if you really don't want to sing, there are other ways you can take part in the video - click here for a few ideas.


4. Get ready to make your recording!


Please download and read these instructions carefully.  It's important that we all use the same backing track, and all make our recordings in the same format so that we can stitch it all together.  


Here is the backing track you need to sing along to. 

Sorry, your browser is unable to play this type of file. You can still download it

Please submit your recordings by Sunday 21st February - and HAVE FUN!


5.  **NEW**  Zoom workshops

If you would like a little help learning to sing the song, you can join us at one of the following times on Zoom:

Monday 15th Feb  8pm
Wednesday 17th Feb    11am

The sessions will last 20-30 mins and will give you confidence to join in with singing the song.  Please have a copy of the lyrics to hand, and use the Zoom log in details for our main church meetings.  Please contact Annabelle or Ali if you have any questions, and if possible please let us know if you are planning to attend (though please do still come even if you've forgotten to tell us!).


Here is a singalong tutorial video made by Ali which will walk you through learning the song.
And here is a second singalong video helping you get to grips with the verses - huge thanks to Ali for these brilliant resources.


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